Frame's Branded Academy Four Letter Code:
Frame's Width:
Frame's Height:

You will need to create a page on your website, within your website's navigation, that will house the above IFRAME code. You can change the width and height dimensions in order to better fit within your landing page. You should first change the width and/or height value and click "Generate IFRAME code" in order to update the included code snippet. Once the page has been created, click above to highlight the code. Copy and paste into your new page's HTML code. Be sure when pasting this code that you switch to your website editing software's "HTML", "Code", or "Source" mode, not "Design" mode. Using it in Text Entry mode will not allow the IFRAME to be embedded properly.

An example of a completed IFRAME page can be found here.

Certain web editors may not allow IFRAMES. For these users, you can use the EMBED/OBJECT code, which is:
IFRAME help: